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Air domes

Four-layer air dome, Prague – Štvanice I. ČLTK

We manufacture air domes of various dimensions. We are able to cope with very special requirements of the investor.

Individual approach to each project.

Tennis air domes

Tennis air dome Oáza PragueTennis air domes consist of four-layer casing, where the shape of the hall is ensured by a net wire system anchored into a peripheral concrete collar. The first layer is a foil with UV stabilisation to protect the other layers of the hall against UV radiation. Compact air-conditioning unitThe next two layers are heat-insulating bubble foils. The last layer is the main support PVC layer. Inner overpressure inside the air dome is provided by non-stop ventilators, which also allow heating of the hall. Heating is usually performed using a natural gas burner (Weishaupt). In case natural gas is not available, other media can be used as well (light fuel oil, propane – butane, heat line).

Our offer now also includes assembly of PH 3K air domes.

Emergency exit with a panic door handleIn case of an electric power failure or sudden pressure drop inside the hall a backup diesel engine (Hatz) is started automatically. This unit directly propels a spare blower. The diesel engine is provided with 120 l of diesel fuel sufficient for 48-hour operation in case of an electric power failure without refuelling.

Revolving entrance doorAny malfunctions or electric power failures are reported through a GSM alarm, which sends text messages indicating the type of failure to telephone numbers selected by the investor.

We are also able to supply individual layers for existing air domes (UV foils, heat-insulating foils, main support PVC layer).

Used air dome

We offer a used air-dome for 1 to 4 tennis courts.

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