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PH 3K air domes

Air dome in Pardubice

PH 3K four-layer tennis air dome

Four-layer hall

  • Main support PVC layer
  • Heat-insulating bubble foil – first layer
  • Heat-insulating bubble foil – second layer
  • UV foil – UV stabilisation for 5 seasons (180 days/year)

GSM failure alarm

  • Failure reporting to 7 telephone numbers
  • Electric power failure reporting
  • Main ventilator failure reporting
  • Backup diesel engine failure reporting
  • Gas burner failure reporting

Backup diesel engine

  • Tank for 120 litres of diesel fuel for a minimum of 48 hours of operation
  • Acoustic failure signalling
  • Heat-insulated accumulator
  • Blower and diesel engine connected by means of 3 V-belts

Main entrance door

  • Revolving carousel door
  • Inner diameter 197 cm
  • Whole-glass – hardened plexiglass
  • Tilt door wing in case large items need to be brought in

Emergency exit

  • Panic door handle
  • Inspection window – hardened plexiglass

Anchoring of the hall

  • Axial distance of anchors 150 cm
  • Each anchor consists of 2 bolts 18 mm + 2x FE sleeve with inner thread held in place by chemical binder, including caps
  • Removable anchors, galvanized
  • After complete installation no objects protrude from the concrete collar

Wire net

  • PVC coated steel wire, total diameter 8 mm
  • Stainless links at all wire crossings
  • 2 pressings on each thimble

Pressure frame

  • Galvanized tube, 1" diameter
  • Anchoring elements of the frame, axial distance 150 cm
  • Individual anchors of the pressure frame are always right in the middle of the anchors of the hall (independent on anchoring of the hall)


  • Fluorescent lighting units 2 x 58 W
  • ALU recuperators in each light
  • 4 strips of lights above each court, 17 lights each (68 lights per 1 court)
  • 2 control circuits per each court (independent control of inner and outer light strips), emergency light 2x
  • 3F connectors for easy installation and removal of lights
  • Wireless remote control of lights of 100 m reach
  • Possibility of manual switching

Air-conditioning unit

  • Power of main electric motor 7.5 kW
  • Electric motor and main blower connected by means of 2 V-belts
  • Power of main blower 20 000 m3/hour (amount of air)
  • Power of spare blower 14 000 m3/hour (amount of air)
  • Gas burner power 300 kW
  • Three-component chimney
  • Air filter at fresh air intake
  • Connection of the air-conditioning unit and the hall – circular PVC pipes with helical reinforcement of 800 mm diameter and reverse piping of 800 mm diameter
  • 2 roof air distribution ventilators between the courts

Used air dome

We offer a used air-dome for 1 to 4 tennis courts.

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