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Sports surfaces

Tennis surfaces

Tennis surfaces are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. Saves tennis shoes and balls thanks to special silica sand.

Portable tennis surfaces

Portable tennis surfaces are used especially for covering clay courts during winter. Suitable for tennis tournaments.

Multi-sport surfaces

Novaplay Multi-sport anti-skid surface is very resistant and is suitable for in-line skating, basketball, hockeyball, skateboards etc.

Reconstruction of sports surfaces

We will reconstruct your tennis surface for a fraction of the price of a new tennis surface. Repair of cracks, cleaning, lining, etc.

Artificial turf

Artificial turf is suitable especially for tennis courts and football pitches and decorative finish of open areas.

Play It tennis surface

Italian Play It tennis surface made of PVC with properties resembling a clay court. Only for indoor use.

Athletic tracks

NOVATRACK athletic tracks consist of acrylic paint with rubber granules and are suitable for retrofitting older athletic tracks.

Pulastic multi-purpose surface

PULASTIC sports surfaces are seamless surfaces on a rubber and polyurethane basis. To be applied of various thickness.

Supreme Court tennis surface

Supreme Court meets the requirements of the most demanding tennis players. Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.
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