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Sports facilities


CorridorWe manufacture corridors between changing rooms and halls – both stationary and retractable. The structure is a covered aluminium frame. Everything is customised as per client requirements.

Adjustments to tennis poles

Tennis poleWe manufacture structures for moving tennis poles. This is convenient especially for clay courts with embedded surface during winter when an existing court needs to be moved to gain more space at the sides of the pressure hall.

Tennis nets, tennis poles, movable poles

We supply all tennis equipment.

Tennis curtains

Tennis curtainCurtains around tennis courts can be customised as per client requirements. We also provide printing (logo, advertisement) of these tennis curtains. We can also provide for installation.

Sports facilities

Complete supplies of sports facilities:

  • Dividing net between courtsbenches between courts
  • maintenance tools
  • dividing nets between courts
  • tennis ball machines
  • etc.
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